martes, 23 de junio de 2009

last post... my postting experience.

My blog experience was very good and a good tool for learn to express myself on other language. I’m always trying to translate to myself what I said or what I’m thinking. Is funny try to do it “publicly”.
Is hard to me try to speak in English, I don’t really know why, I don’t think that my pronunciation in horrible, and I can understand well if the people who talk to me can do it slow. For these reasons is easier to me try to talk about myself or about anything in other language if I write and no talking and I think that’s because is the best way to improve my English: I don’t have to talk and nobody have to listen me and I don’t have to be nervous or feel embarrassment.
I really enjoy to post because is the way for to obligate myself to search for words which I never used in English, when I’m try to talk with anybody in English I always used the same words I think, maybe because I didn’t speak a lot, so is hard to discover new words if I don’ practice enough, without a dictionary closer, but writing I can “talk” about me naturally without big problems, and when I don’t know any word, I have all the time of the world to search it and nobody have to wait for me while I find it…
Posting force myself to learn to make sentences in “other order”, sometimes is difficult not to translate he sentences on the literal way, I think this is the (my) most common error, I have to work on that, and practice the English more on the different ways quickly!
I want to take the Toefl this year, so… I really need to study and practice.

lunes, 15 de junio de 2009

My future

In five years i hope i will be twenty nine years old… I hope to be working in something interesting related with art, and I hope to have a lot of exhibitions on my resume.
I have problems when I think about the future, because I never know what I want and what I want to do, include now, or tomorrow, I’m always improvising. I am a very distracted and dispersed person and I want to do all the things at the same time! This is a very big problem… “I don’t know what I want, but I want it now”.

I really like Chile to live, I think I want to stay here, but I can’t be sure because I never lived in other country, include, I never lived in other city but Santiago, but before five years I would like to know Europe and travel a lot around South America. I want to study a master in art and craft in Canada, there are museums only for fiber art (that’s my area). But the Master is only for two or three years, and then I would like to have my own workshop, here, to work on my pieces of art and teach.

Personally, I would like to fall in love, I know this sounds cursi but is the true, fall in love and find some one who wants to be with me and who I want to be with Jijiji.

lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

My favourite subject

I have just one subject right now, so I don’t have options to choice. I’m taking a class of history of art. This is my last subject for finish this career, I’m almost out!
I really miss the work shop classes, but I’m going to textile class this week and I bring my works,. The best of that is I don’t need the marks, if I do it bad, doesn’t matter, ad they can correct me anywhere.
The teacher of my history class is María Elena Muñoz, and I really like her, I think if she taught me before, may be I could be outside now. She is a great teacher, she knows how to catch the attention of the students, because she is so expressive whit her body and her voice, and always is making jokes with the topics.
I think I like this subject because the topics are more interesting too, We just take a look to the pop art and new realism and they are my favourite topics, specially pop art and Andy Warhol.
I hope to approve this subject this year with good marks, so I don’t want to stay here one year more.

viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

I don’t really have a favorite web site. That’s ironic, but I’m working on my pc a lot of hours every day. I usually use it to listen music, and work with Photoshop. The web sites I visit are just my email… well, I have 3 emails: the official email, one to receive the trash that the web sites send, like publicity, etc. I have my "official" email since loooong time ago, when my parents contract internet at home, my uncle made one email for me and other for my sister, 10 years ago, i think.
The other web site I visit every day is my face book. Some weeks ago, I started to make ear rings and a lot of accessories and I uploaded pictures of this to my face book to make some publicity and I made a new email just for that. This is working very well…
In the past I usually visited a lot of web sites with concert dates or gigs, but I didn’t seek for gigs now… I don’t know why really.
Some times when I’m so idle, I search funny videos on youtube, but I’m so bad searching videos, I never know what to search, so, I watch the videos that my friends send to me.

miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

My pc

I don’t really know what my favourite piece of technology is, I can mention the computer, or the ipod… or the iron! How I work with textiles I always need my iron, although I don’t love it, I don’t like to do the ironing, but I know it is a very important electrical appliance for me.

After all, I think that my favorite piece of technology is my computer, I had it since 9 years ago, or more, I started to love it and use it more often when my radio started to get wrong with my favorites cassettes and I choose to listen the music on my pc. Well, I use my pc to write works too, and for search things on internet. This is my bigger files folder, there is all my music, my photos, my texts… Is like a little brain who remember all always and always, or almost always, do what you want to it do. I would like things like to ask it for a coffee, but this is impossible now hahaha.

lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

Visual arts...

I wanted to study Biology teaching, and I had biology subjects at the school, but one day, 8 years ago I waked up at the morning and thought “I want to study visual arts” and I started to take art subjects, I don’t know why really, and I don’t just wanted to study art, but I wanted study art in THIS university. But I never thought that in this university you have to choose a speciality between painting, sculpture, photograph, etc. And I just knew that I wanted to study art, but on my first year I discovered the textile speciality and I saw the workshop and discovered what I always wanted.
I love the fibers and recycle my clothing and made things with my hands. I want to study something related with craft after this career, or maybe the pedagogy to teach at schools, because if I be “just” an artist… so, I don’t want to die for hungry… And I think if I teach to kids I can make new artist in the future, why not? Or simply help them to express their self.
I think that pedagogy can be a good exit to my existential problems about my career. I really don’t know a lot of exits, but I want to still study, pedagogy, or something to specialize myself, related with clothing or craft (like I said before).
On my career we have not much theory subjects… The majority of the class’s hours are focus on the workshop of the speciality you choice (this is my favourite subject), or drawing classes etc. I hate the theory classes, because I’m so lazy to read and study hehehe, I prefer to use my hands all the time.

I hope to be a good artist in the future, winning contests and making exhibitions with my dears pieces of art.

lunes, 20 de abril de 2009

An amazing place

I remember a place on the south of Chile, the most beauty place i never see. This is a national park, like a nature reserve. This magic place is close of Temuco, but going to the range. It calls Conguillio, and this was the bigger reserve of Araucarias on the world, well… the Araucarias are only here and Argentina. I don’t know if this still on, but there were a fire some years ago.
I went there with the family of my boyfriend in this moment (and my boyfriend too, obviously) in February of 2000 I think. They invited me to go with them on holidays.
I remember a little place so magic there called “Rainbow lagoon”. The water there has all the colors, I’m sure I saw fuchsia water and if I look in other angle I can saw blue or yellow water. That’s the thing I most like, the colors, and there were not any noise, only the birds and the wind on the trees. I want to come back soon, I hope.

lunes, 13 de abril de 2009


well... this is my blog, my first blog.
I have to write an introducction and there i go:
My name es Abril and i'm study visual arts, i'm in my last year of the university. I hope i can study a magister or something with "craft" in the future, i hope to find something related with fiber art or made/design clothing.
I like the cinema, and i'm working in one right now, and the best of this work is i can watch movies all the weeks, tho or four for week, so, the last week i didnt watch no movies because i knew all the publicity board.
i don't know how can i tell you now, so, i'm done.