martes, 23 de junio de 2009

last post... my postting experience.

My blog experience was very good and a good tool for learn to express myself on other language. I’m always trying to translate to myself what I said or what I’m thinking. Is funny try to do it “publicly”.
Is hard to me try to speak in English, I don’t really know why, I don’t think that my pronunciation in horrible, and I can understand well if the people who talk to me can do it slow. For these reasons is easier to me try to talk about myself or about anything in other language if I write and no talking and I think that’s because is the best way to improve my English: I don’t have to talk and nobody have to listen me and I don’t have to be nervous or feel embarrassment.
I really enjoy to post because is the way for to obligate myself to search for words which I never used in English, when I’m try to talk with anybody in English I always used the same words I think, maybe because I didn’t speak a lot, so is hard to discover new words if I don’ practice enough, without a dictionary closer, but writing I can “talk” about me naturally without big problems, and when I don’t know any word, I have all the time of the world to search it and nobody have to wait for me while I find it…
Posting force myself to learn to make sentences in “other order”, sometimes is difficult not to translate he sentences on the literal way, I think this is the (my) most common error, I have to work on that, and practice the English more on the different ways quickly!
I want to take the Toefl this year, so… I really need to study and practice.

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