lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

My favourite subject

I have just one subject right now, so I don’t have options to choice. I’m taking a class of history of art. This is my last subject for finish this career, I’m almost out!
I really miss the work shop classes, but I’m going to textile class this week and I bring my works,. The best of that is I don’t need the marks, if I do it bad, doesn’t matter, ad they can correct me anywhere.
The teacher of my history class is María Elena Muñoz, and I really like her, I think if she taught me before, may be I could be outside now. She is a great teacher, she knows how to catch the attention of the students, because she is so expressive whit her body and her voice, and always is making jokes with the topics.
I think I like this subject because the topics are more interesting too, We just take a look to the pop art and new realism and they are my favourite topics, specially pop art and Andy Warhol.
I hope to approve this subject this year with good marks, so I don’t want to stay here one year more.

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