viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

I don’t really have a favorite web site. That’s ironic, but I’m working on my pc a lot of hours every day. I usually use it to listen music, and work with Photoshop. The web sites I visit are just my email… well, I have 3 emails: the official email, one to receive the trash that the web sites send, like publicity, etc. I have my "official" email since loooong time ago, when my parents contract internet at home, my uncle made one email for me and other for my sister, 10 years ago, i think.
The other web site I visit every day is my face book. Some weeks ago, I started to make ear rings and a lot of accessories and I uploaded pictures of this to my face book to make some publicity and I made a new email just for that. This is working very well…
In the past I usually visited a lot of web sites with concert dates or gigs, but I didn’t seek for gigs now… I don’t know why really.
Some times when I’m so idle, I search funny videos on youtube, but I’m so bad searching videos, I never know what to search, so, I watch the videos that my friends send to me.

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  1. I think taht it`s sooo cool.. facebook it`s so funnyy!

    I always visit that site!