miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009

My pc

I don’t really know what my favourite piece of technology is, I can mention the computer, or the ipod… or the iron! How I work with textiles I always need my iron, although I don’t love it, I don’t like to do the ironing, but I know it is a very important electrical appliance for me.

After all, I think that my favorite piece of technology is my computer, I had it since 9 years ago, or more, I started to love it and use it more often when my radio started to get wrong with my favorites cassettes and I choose to listen the music on my pc. Well, I use my pc to write works too, and for search things on internet. This is my bigger files folder, there is all my music, my photos, my texts… Is like a little brain who remember all always and always, or almost always, do what you want to it do. I would like things like to ask it for a coffee, but this is impossible now hahaha.

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