lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

Visual arts...

I wanted to study Biology teaching, and I had biology subjects at the school, but one day, 8 years ago I waked up at the morning and thought “I want to study visual arts” and I started to take art subjects, I don’t know why really, and I don’t just wanted to study art, but I wanted study art in THIS university. But I never thought that in this university you have to choose a speciality between painting, sculpture, photograph, etc. And I just knew that I wanted to study art, but on my first year I discovered the textile speciality and I saw the workshop and discovered what I always wanted.
I love the fibers and recycle my clothing and made things with my hands. I want to study something related with craft after this career, or maybe the pedagogy to teach at schools, because if I be “just” an artist… so, I don’t want to die for hungry… And I think if I teach to kids I can make new artist in the future, why not? Or simply help them to express their self.
I think that pedagogy can be a good exit to my existential problems about my career. I really don’t know a lot of exits, but I want to still study, pedagogy, or something to specialize myself, related with clothing or craft (like I said before).
On my career we have not much theory subjects… The majority of the class’s hours are focus on the workshop of the speciality you choice (this is my favourite subject), or drawing classes etc. I hate the theory classes, because I’m so lazy to read and study hehehe, I prefer to use my hands all the time.

I hope to be a good artist in the future, winning contests and making exhibitions with my dears pieces of art.

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  1. Hi Abril !
    I didn't know you study Visual Arts (if I understood well). I liked the way you described the changes in your interests through the time (but I don't share your hate for reading).

  2. wow!!! Your story is similar to mine, I wanted to study archeology from 13 years but I did not catch the score ...snif!
    but now I am happy in Theory of Art ^.^

    see you

  3. Hi April! I wouldn't have guessed that you liked the textiles, well it's one of the parts of the art that more like me and i hope develop my abilities in this areas for the future, but don't worry, i won't be competition for you.